Earlier this week, I got the most amazing opportunity to hang out for the day with some amazing people with Wix at the Wix Design Playground.

The day was dedicated to Wix’s “Social Good Project” and if you haven’t heard about that, I’ll explain.

First, the Wix Design Playground is a three month intensive design program where designers get to learn from award-winning designers and participate in projects that build their portfolios AND give them real-world project experience.

The Social Good Project is an amazing initiative for NYC-based non-profits and socially-minded businesses. It pairs them with design teams and gifts them with brand new, freshly designed websites.

It was a super amazing day, where we got to witness the big reveal of the newly designed sites. If there was a website, we got to see what it looked like, hear the design team’s challenges and how they solved them, and see the new final design.

This project is impressive for a couple of reasons. I love the idea of the project in general. Most non-profits and such businesses don’t have the capital to invest in a website that can really tell their story, encourage donations and help them spread the word to get even more support.

I also love that these young designers get the opportunity to learn from design pros, get a chance to learn how to manage clients, and have such a great addition to their portfolios. It’s win-win-win.

You HAVE to check out these websites to see just how amazing these young designers’ work really is. (Please note that at the time of posting this article, most of the sites were not yet live.)

I am completely wowed by the team at Wix. They think outside the box, they are focused on helping new designers learn and grow all while helping people who are helping people. It’s like one big circle of love and light. Well done, Wix!

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