I started my business just about 12 years ago. When I started it, it was out of necessity. I had three children under the age of four (3, 2 and 6 months old) and I’d found myself in a mountain of credit card debt.

It should be noted that this credit card debt was of my own making – I was mystery shopping at the time. Yes, that really is a legit thing. But you can only make money doing it if you actually stick to the allowance they give you to spend. If they give you $10 to spend at Office Max, and you spend, say $80…

Well, you see where I’m going with this.

I ended up with $64,000 of credit card debt (that my husband didn’t know about).

So, there I was neck-deep in debt with three little kids. And if you have kids, you understand that cost of day care for three rugrats is nothing short of exorbitant.

I simply HAD to find a way to make money from home.

I started by writing recaps for Say Yes to the Dress for a website. They paid me $25 per recap. Then I got an unpaid gig with CinemaBlend.com – but it was great for my portfolio. (Seriously, it really was.)

Then I found a guy on Craigslist. (This was before that could get you murdered.) He paid me $8 an hour to schedule appointments, manage his calendar, look up herpes treatments for him (NO JOKE) and run point with anyone else he suckered to being on the team at any given moment. (Shout out to my fellow suckers!)

This fellow, as difficult as he was, introduced me to HireMyMom.com

And that’s when life changed. I worked with Rose Cole. I met Marie Forleo and worked with her for two solid years. I helped construct her original BSchool.

And then I decided to move out on my own and do just web design.

This was about 4 years after I first started my business.

By midway through that year, I finally made the last payment. My debt was gone. 

So, for the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been working. Designing & Building websites. Writing Copy. Telling Stories.

But I realized last month that it was time to evolve.

Not that I want to stop doing what I’m doing…but I want to start doing it differently.

The result is Website Alchemy. A blend of my three favorite things to do:

What I love, love, love doing is helping each individual client’s personality be so apparent via their website that the *right* people can’t help but find them and practically throw money in their direction.

What’s Website Alchemy consist of?

  • a complete audit of your current website situation and concrete suggestions on how to improve what you are offering.
  • up to six pages of personality driven copy.
  • full social media integration.
  • a solid plan to market your brand new personality driven website

How do I plan on delivering all of that in one month or less?

Well, I AM intuitive, so that helps. But the best way to get in your head for me is talking. We’ll have a few scheduled phone calls and or skype sessions to flesh out content and design.

You’ll pin every inspiring thing you find to a private pinterest board.

And over the course of four weeks, we will work together to get you a website that your ideal customer will not be able resist.

And just so we’re clear…

This is not something where you can just click the buy button and you’re in.

Not everyone is going to be a good fit for this project, and we need to talk about where you are in your business and what you’ve currently got going on. We need to make sure we are a good fit before I take your money.

Interested? Drop me a line and we can discuss!

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