In my last post I talked about waiting to buy something until you’ve ruminated on it for two weeks (minimum).

If you know me at all, you understand this is one of the most difficult things for me, because I’m an instant gratification kind of woman. When I want something, I want it now. I don’t do well with patience or being told no. Or even worse, being told to wait.

And if you are reading this, chances are you are in debt – and it’s probably because you have the same problem.

So, I talked about that headband that I was just dying for – and to be honest, I still want it. I have not bought it yet, because I’m not to day fourteen on my self-imposed wait, but I still think about it a lot.

I also think about the fact that I have no less than twenty other headbands in a drawer in my bathroom right now. And how I just had to have them too.

I have a ton of those things – but I only ever wear two of them because they fit my head best without moving around, and I like the colors of them.

If I look at the ratio of headbands I have purchased vs headbands that I actually wear – the chances are good that even if I make it when I make it to the fourteen day mark, and I go ahead and buy it, I will find some fault with it, and never wear it.

So, do I really need it?

That’s what it all boils down to. And if I had just bought it when I first saw it, I’d already know that I probably didn’t.

Partially because it’s getting on to be summer and that thing is crocheted (which means hot) and partially because I may not even like it when it gets here.

So I made a deal with myself. I bought a couple of buttons for under $2 and I’m going to alter some of the headbands I already have instead of buying yet another new one.

That way, if I still don’t like them, I’m only out $2 instead of $40.

And really, if I spent an average of $20 on each headband, and I’ve got 18 that I don’t wear – that means I spent over $300 in the last year just on headbands…HOLY CRAP. See, this is why the waiting method is so freaking valuable.

If a self-proclaimed I-want-it-now person can do this, you can too.