The thing about this online world of businesses and coaching and marketing is that there are a million out there. There are probably hundreds of thousands of web designers to choose from, and while I think I’m pretty damn good, I know for a fact that there are many who I think are way better than me.

If you are a coach, I’m sure you feel the same way.

You look at what other people are doing, and start making comparisons. Especially if they’ve been doing their thing a lot longer than you have. It makes you feel like you’ve got to put in your dues before you should put yourself out there.

And the problem with that kind of thinking is that it’s paralyzing.

You start to second guess your process. And to question why anyone would choose to work with you over someone who has been doing it longer and, in your opinion, better.

This is not good. Because comparing and diminishing what you have to offer is not the right way to start a business.

The fact is, there is plenty of room for everyone. And the way you coach, or the way you write, or the way you design is the perfect fit for an exact group of people. They not only want what you have to offer…

They NEED it.

If you wait until you are an expert, you are making your people wait too. The more you do your thing, the better you get at it. The early stages might be bumpy, but that’s all part of the journey.

Don’t make your people wait for you – get out there and give it to them now.


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