Whether your business is online or in-store, customer experience is everything. Fail to get this right, and you’re never going to secure the sales you need. In many ways, your business should be like the smoothest conveyor belt going. Any bumps along the way are sure to see customers overboard before you’ve seen a penny.

Even if you’ve perfected smooth shopping experiences before, you can bet that something has gone wrong somewhere if your business is losing customers all of a sudden. It’s a sure sign of a bump in the road, and is an issue you need to address to keep on track. The best way to do that is to identify those bumps and do what you can to smooth them. Which, funnily enough, is what we’re going to teach you here. Just keep on reading to find out what those bumps might be, and what you can do about them.

Customers can’t find you
If customers can’t find you, they’re going to get off that conveyor belt sharpish. This is, after all, a rookie mistake. At this stage, customers have no loyalty. They probably don’t even have any real idea of what you offer. As such, they’re going to give up the search fast if they feel that they have to traverse a maze to get to you. Solving this easy is pretty easy. All you need to do is work on your visibility to make sure that every customer can find you the first time, every time. In a physical space, this means buying a unit in a visible part of town. You should also work on your advertising to make sure customers can get to you. Even something as simple as a bright shop sign could do the trick here. Online, this means ensuring you have a visible social media presence, and an easy to remember domain name. As simple as that, customers could roll right through your door the way you would like.

Your staff aren’t helpful
Even once customers are in your space, they’ll hop off the conveyor if there’s no one around to help them. In many ways, staff are the rollers which guide customers to their dream purchases. To make sure they don’t malfunction, work on building both their presence and knowledge. You need to know that each member of your team can answer any customer questions which come their way. This means making sure they have extensive product knowledge. It also means ensuring that they’re around when your customers need them. Putting staff by the door, or implementing an online chat feature, could save you here. As simple as that, staff will be the guiding hands which keep customers moving forward and enjoying the ease of their experience with you.

You don’t make it easy to pay
Even if customers get to the till or the online checkout, they can still do a bunk. Many businesses experience shopping cart abandonment. For the most part, that’s because they don’t make payments as easy as they should. Most physical abandonment happens, after all, due to queues. It may be that opening more checkouts at prime times could solve this issue. Or, perhaps your payments themselves are the issue. Complicated payment methods can both create queues and annoy customers as they pay. If you’re using outdated systems, then, it may be worth turning to companies like Square Up, who offer new and innovative products which can speed your payment methods no end. Online, shopping cart abandonment can also be a result of slow loading. In this case, removing things like ads could do the trick. Equally, excess charges or other unexpected checkout surprises could be to blame. Make sure it doesn’t happen by, again, streamlining your processes here. Keep fees transparent, and don’t try to sting customers for more at the end. You could end up losing them altogether.

No easy way back
In an ideal world, you want this conveyor to be on something of a loop. Only when customers come back to you do you see any real benefit. If your conveyor belt brings them through your store and out never return, you’re in trouble. Instead, make sure it brings them back around by considering incentives. Ongoing product developments are always a good bet here as they ensure your products stay fresh. Something like a loyalty card or money off for their next purchase could also work wonders. In no time, they’ll be coming back around to do it all again.