I had an interview today. Like for a real job. Not sure I want a real job – because though business has been slow lately, a real job would mean I have to actually, like, go to an office every day. And if there is one thing I really love about the way my life is right now, it’s that I can work 40-50 hours a week (usually it’s closer to 50-60) – but I can do it from anywhere, and whenever I want.

They asked me why I would be interested in a job if I have my own business that I’m running right now – and my answer kind of surprised me.

I hadn’t thought about that question – and the answer I gave was wholly honest. In case you don’t know me – I have a hard time thinking about things and I hardly ever worry if what I’m saying is the “right” thing to say – which means when someone asks me something I wasn’t expecting, the answer is a flat out honest one.

My answer was that business has been slow because I’ve been turning down a lot of clients. And the reason I’ve been turning them down is one of two things:

1. They just want to copycat someone else’s website.

Which is not my jam. I’m categorically not down with copying someone else’s website. And the primary reason for that is that I believe your website should reflect who you are. Not who you wish you were – but who you genuinely are. Person X is person x and their website is reflective of them. You may find similarities in your personalities, and even what you are doing in the world – but that is even MORE reason to not just be a mirror of person x.

2. They don’t know what their business really is and/or they have no content ready.

Listen – I’m super happy to help you develop the copy for your website. But it’s not part of my basic package. Copy is equally as important as the design of the site, and it takes time to write/edit it. As such, it is not a cheap add on. And, honestly, it’s not my preferred thing to do. I strongly prefer to work on projects that have their copy ready to go. It simplifies things.

So, here’s what I’ve decided to do to counter that. I’m offering a new package. One for people who are ready to roll, but haven’t found the right web designer yet.

It’s strictly for people who:

  • Have their content ready to go.
  • Have good quality pictures to use on the website (and I mean it, they have to be in your possession right now).
  • Are willing to jump in, fill out my web design form, make a pinterest board, and let me put my thing down.

One thing that you should know, going in, is that I when I start working with a client that I jive with, I get very strong ideas about the website right from the start. I literally start picturing the layout and elements of the website as we are doing the initial consultation call. I’m completely open to ideas and suggestions, but I call myself an intuitive designer because when I’m working with the right client, I instinctively know how their website needs to end up.

The few times that it hasn’t worked out that way have been primarily because I took the gig because I needed the money – not because I believed the client was a good fit. I don’t do that anymore

So, if you are ready, let’s do this. 10 Days from the day you send me the goods, you will have a live website.

Ready to go? Send me a message via the form below, and we’ll chat.

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