Running a blog or website where you post your thoughts, guidance and advice can seem like a daunting task. Even if you have plenty of expertise in a certain field, or you’re educated deeply by this great teacher we call life, you might still think that no one could possibly want or even need to hear what you have to say. We might jump to thinking posting our life stories in this manner might put people off, or worst yet, they might not care at all. Of course, relatively few open a blog to simply celebrate themselves and only care about ‘me, me, me’ as it takes work, and there are many things you could do to get that self-validating fix much more easily.

But of course, you’re doing this for the right reasons. This is where it’s important to know that your story could inspire others quite strongly. We’re all looking for reasons to feel at home in one another, and if you have something to share, you might just provide that to someone looking for advice. To settle that first worry and more, consider the following:

Are Blogs Read In 2019?

It can sometimes be worrisome to think about just where your blog might fit into the marketplace. Are blogs even read in 2019? They absolutely are. Despite there being many blogs around dedicated to all kinds of topics, millions of people look for honest, home-brew content with an authentic flair and a personal story to tell. Consider how many people know that the best produce is often found at the grocer, and the best meat is often found at your local butchers. We know that heading to a supermarket feels too uniform, convenient and pre-packaged. This mindset is what allows blogs to thrive, as it connects people to other real people, and you can be sure that with the scope of the internet, people will read it.

Is It Financially Wise?

Many people might worry that starting a blog is among one of the most financially silly ideas you could take action on. But this isn’t true. Monetizing your content has become easier and more subtle than ever, be that through brand connections with affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews or experience reports, or the use of good SEO hosting can help you, with a solid disclaimer, allow your platform to connect your readers with something they might actually be interested in, or to solve a problem they are struggling with. After all, this is just another part of offering the content they are seeking.

What’s The Life Of A Blogger Like?

It could be considered like any other home job, but this is your digital frontier on the internet. It’s your place to do with what you will. You will likely only answer to yourself and uphold the responsibilities of the brands you sign agreements with, but for the most part your story could help you develop a bond with those you care about, and could become something you truly enjoy. Just be sure you have great internet reliability and a device or two, and you could get blogging today.

With these simple pointers, it might be that your new hobby has revealed itself.