All businesses, big and small, will be looking to increase the profitability of their business. To do so, you need to make customers happy. Happy customers translate to more sales as they will feel more encouraged that you respect them and appreciate their business. 

In this guide, you can discover all of the best ways to keep customers happy and how it will create more sales for you.

Let them know about extra fees

If your customer is suddenly faced with extra shipping or customs fees, then they will not be happy. Nobody wants to willingly pay more than they had expected to. Thus, if you can help your customer get a quote from a customs brokerage to find out how much the fees will be, then they will be aware of what else is expected to be paid. There, you can attain the best quotes and ensure that they only pay what you need to.

Extra fees cannot always be avoided. Thus, letting your customers know will ensure that they are going to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If they are satisfied and you help them achieve that satisfaction, then you can maintain happy customers and consistent sales. 

Respond quickly to their requests

By responding quickly to customer requests, you will ensure to maintain their attention. If you take too long to reply to a customer, then you will lose their interest. 

Simply taking some time each day to respond to customers will mean that no customer requests gets left for over 24 hours. 24 hours is an average time to respond. If a customer needs instant help, you could:

  • Offer a live chat
  • Have a phone line
  • Help them in-store

Replying as fast as possible will ensure to make your customers happy and fulfil their requests so that they do not shop elsewhere. Taking too long to respond may result in losing customers. 

Offer regular customers discounts

The more customers shop with you, the more money you will attain from them. In time, those sales will help your business gain a lot of profit. In return, and as a way to show appreciation, you could offer them a discount. 

When you notice that they have shopped with you ten times, you could offer them 10% off of their next purchase. Or, whatever discount your business can afford to offer. Offering regular discounts will not lose you money. Instead, it will maintain customer satisfaction and likely encourage them to make more purchases, which will result in more sales. 

Give them what they want

Giving your customers what they want is bound to make them happy and satisfied. Simply asking them for feedback and taking their advice and opinions on board can help you improve your business and ensure that it aligns with your customer demands. 

When you give your customers what they ask for, it is bound to encourage them to shop with you and maintain their loyalty to you. 

Make them feel important

Making your customers feel important will help them feel like they are appreciated. By calling them by their name and giving them what they ask for will make them feel respected and happy. 

Furthermore, asking your customers personal questions and getting to know them is a great way to show them that you respect their time and business.

Know your products well

Knowing everything that there is to know about your products will ensure that you can answer any question that your customers ask you. If they ask about the materials or when the price will reduce, simply being able to give them an answer will fulfil their requests. It will also show that you know everything about your brand, which shows your dedication and passion. 

If you are unsure about something, then ask your colleagues to ensure that your customer can attain an answer. 

Keep your promises

If you promise a customer something, then make sure to stick to your promise. Not fulfilling a promise can lose their interest and trust in your business. 

If you can’t keep a promise, then don’t offer one. 

A promise could be early access to a new product release or a discount after ten purchases. Whatever promise you make, ensure to meet it to fulfil your customer’s expectations. If you leave a customer unsatisfied, then you will likely lose their business. Losing their business could severely hurt your sales, even if it is just one customer. Losing a loyal customer could damage your business reputation. Thus, always ensure to fulfil promises.